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Complete Phone Systems with Latest Technology at The Lowest Prices

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3 phones system - $120.00 per month.
4-6 phones - $160.00 per month
7-10 phones - $220.00 per month
11-20 phones - $270.00 per month
21+ phones - $325.00 per month

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All services are including 1 phone number with 4 lines (can be any area code in US and Canada) with Unlimited incoming calls.

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Cut Business Phone Costs & Increase Productivity With Our System

What do we offer?
We offer office telephone service based on VoIP technology. It replaces your inflated phone bill and outdated office telephone system with one streamlined and cost-effective solution. The service requires no phone lines and no bulky, expensive equipment. You can start with as low as $39 per month. Please call us at 718-841-9977 for more information.

Unlimited Simultaneous Calls
Multi-line Phones (stations) allow you to conduct up to 6 simultaneous conversations on each station.

Location Independent
Connect your phone to a high-speed internet line anywhere in the World and receive or make calls as if you were at your desk.

Universal Extension Dialing
Dial your colleagues by extension regardless of their physical location. You may have multiple mailboxes associated with each station, allowing employees who work in shifts to share the same telephone. You may also choose virtual extensions for part-time employees or employers working off-site. You may choose two-, three- or four-digit extensions.

Unified Messaging
Voice messages forwarded to user e-mail with Caller ID and audio file attached.

Simultaneous Ring
Your number or extension may ring at multiple locations on IP, mobile or land-line phones.

Customizable Menus and Groups
You can manage your menus and voice prompts, activate and deactivate users in groups and much more.

Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, Three-Way Calling, Multiple Voice Mail Boxes, Multiple Virtual Extensions, Auto Attendant, Customizable Music-On-Hold, Multiple Queues ringing to a different phones.




- Backend/Admin
- Web Site
- Complete Setup
- Emails/Phones
- Marketing



Complete Phone Systems with Latest Technology at The Lowest Prices



The lower rate on the Internet

2.75 cents per minute, 6-second billing increments.

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